History of EVERYPROJECT and IR for investors


This is an EVEO and EVEG economic zone flow diagram.
※There are detailed link pages for various products and projects!

With EVERYPROJECT collaborating with multiple projects around the world, many original contents / world limited products / the world’s first gold standard payment system / next generation open Dapps platform are ready and we will realize this vision‼


  1. 2020/1/1 [Happy New Year] Announcement of New Year's lottery results on January 1, 2020! ️
  2. 2019/12/30 Information on how to participate in the EVERYPROJECT year-end large thanks lottery‼ ️
  3. 2019/12/22 The results of EVERYPROJECT activities in 2019 and the project strategies from 2020 onwards are released!️
  4. 2019/12/21 EVEO's last lockup release air drop distribution completed and, about informal exchanges trades caution!️
  5. 2019/11/22 Announcement of CREX24 listing schedule for EVEO.️
  6. 2019/11/13 Due to the ATAIX exchange system problem, we have decided to cancel the listing of EVEO and EVEG.️
  7. 2019/11/11 EVEO CREX24 Schedule for Listing Announcement️
  8. 2019/10/20 We have released a Chinese White Paper for EVEG and IMO dedicated website opened.️
  9. 2019/10/6 EVERYPROJECT vision and detailed view of two listed coin economic zone flow diagram published‼️
  10. 2019/10/2 《Emergency》 Coinexchange.io's announcement of end of blockade announcement!
  11. 2019/9/27 The long-awaited [EVEG (EVERY GOLDPEG)] has been listed on ATAIX of the Estonian Exchange !!!
  12. 2019/9/21 [YUME GAMING SINGAPORE x EVERY PROJECT] Officially announced about the digital game business model “Nippon” approved by the Indonesian Bali State Government!!
  13. 2019/9/20 5th Listing IDCM
  14. 2019/9/20 The industry's first BTC 100% collateral-issued gold price linked stable coin [EVEG (EVERY GOLDPEG)] WHITE PAPER, coin page, and 1 trillion yen fund concept utilizing EVEG IMO platform are released !!
  15. 2019/9/20 【DApps Revolution‼】EVERYPROJECT enters the exceptional next-generation DApps platform business!!
  16. 2019/9/20 EVERYPROJECT has repeated partnership agreements with Shake Hands Music hosted by one of Japan's leading entertainment productions in various fields.
  17. 2019/9/19 【Global Market Listing!】 IDCM official will list EVEO on September 20th at 16:00. And we are holding a special event‼ (Multilingual)
  18. 2019/9/15 Notice of EVEO/ETH Trade start time for Estonia ATAIX Exchange.
  19. 2019/9/14 EVEO / ETH will be listed on the Estonian ATAIX Exchange tomorrow for the ETH mining business with annual yield of 50% or more by supercomputer.
  20. 2019/9/13 [EVEG] PAPER WALLET adopts for business approved by Indonesian Bali State Government‼
  21. 2019/9/7 EVEO IDCM Hong Kong official Schedule for Listing & EVEO Airdrop Special Announcement
  22. 2019/8/31 Online Gaming Competition Results Announcement
  23. 2019/8/26 4th Listing IDCM Taiwan(Taiwan)
  24. 2019/8/21 EVEO IDCM Taiwan&HongKong Official Schedule for Listing Announcement.
    and,Double Listing coin EVEG(EVERY GOLDPEG) Schedule for Listing Announcement.
  25. 2019/8/16 EVEO Listing schedule for new exchanges.(Global Market IDCM Group Listing Desided‼)
  26. 2019/7/25 Notice of gaming site opening postponement due to new listing‼
  27. 2019/7/12 Listed on the Purple Cow Korea Korea Exchange in the world's third country listing
  28. 2019/6/30 Maximum 5 billion EVEO will be “airdrop” to participants! Online Gaming Casino Competition.
  29. 2019/6/18 ■ Important alert ■Fake EVEO TOKEN is made.
  30. 2019/6/17 Third Listing PURPLECOW(Korea)
  31. 2019/6/15 Second Listing ATAIX(Estonia)
  32. 2019/6/9 First Listing CoinExchange.io(England)
  33. 2019/5/3 EVERY WALLET completed(EVEO/EVEG integrative wallet) https://everyone.bz
  34. 2019/5/1 Transfer operation of EVERYPROJECT to Armenian corporation BRDH CJSC
  35. 2019/4/19 New-Generation’s Star Produce Application Photap white paper published
  36. 2018/12/28 Ranked 1st in the popularity vote ranking of Japanese crypt general election in 2018
  37. 2018/12/24 WavesToken [EVERYONE] Over 10,000 owners
  38. 2018/12/16 EVERY PROJECT Discord community opened
  39. 2018/12/15 Over 20,000 EVERY PROJECT participants
  40. 2018/12/1 EVERY PROJECT Issuing 5 types of test tokens from different industries
  41. 2018/11/27 WavesToken [EVERYONE] Over 5,000 owners
  42. 2018/10/28 Popular site Waves Station popularity ranking No. 1 acquisition
  43. 2018/10/1 EVE coin (Everyone Virtual Economy) exchange token [EVERYONE] issued on the Waves platform in Russia
  44. 2018/7/1 Everyone's blockchain study group exceeded 5,000 people
  45. 2018/6/1 Established everyone's blockchain ™ association
  46. 2018/5/11 Everyone's blockchain study group circle start
  47. 2018/2/22 Established EVERY PROJECT