《Emergency》 Coinexchange.io's announcement of end of blockade announcement!

update 2.10.2019

The cryptocurrency exchange CoinExchange.io announced that it was closed on October 1.
From Coinexchange.io For more information, see Transactions and deposits will be suspended on October 15, 2019.
Please stop deposits and transactions as soon as possible.
The website and drawer are valid until 1 December 2019.
Please withdraw all funds by this date.
There is no guarantee of loss of coins.

If you have EVEO on CoinExchange.io, please move immediately to Estonia ATAIX or IDCMTaiwan / IDCMOfficial on other listed exchanges, I would like cooperation to inform members who do not know!

【Exchange: ATAIX (ESTONIA)】

Exchange: IDCM (Taiwan)

Exchange: IDCM