Announcement of CREX24 listing schedule for EVEO.

update 22.11.2019

■November 22 (Fri) 6pm in Japan time

EVEO start of deposit and withdraw

■On the same day, 9pm in Japan time

EVEO start of trading

This exchange is unique,

● Buyer’s commission is minus ♪ (The more you buy, the more Bitcoin will return ☆ 彡)

● Using the faucet function, you can get a listed coin bonus every day, and you can exchange it immediately ♪

● European casinos are almost 100% legal in Europe, but this exchange has a gaming casino using a blockchain that cannot be fraudulently ☆ 彡

It is the world’s No. 1 exchange for handling “Sleep Giant Cryptocurrencys”.

It is a new cryptocurrency exchange where you can collect coins for free and increase coins at the gaming casino to enjoy and enjoy for free ♪

KYC (Personal Information) registration is not recommended, so registration is recommended ☆ 彡

After listing, EVEO can also get GET every day with faucet function !!!

Register and enjoy cryptocurrency trading together!

[“Sleep Giant Coin” “World’s No. 1 Exchange]