【DApps Revolution‼】EVERYPROJECT enters the exceptional next-generation DApps platform business‼

update 20.9.2019


EVERY PROJECT will join the DApps platform business, which utilizes its own block chain, with the help of a major Chinese gaming company.

For more than 11 million coin holders in 5 countries around the world, we will use EVEG to gradually increase participation and entry projects, build a new proprietary Prok Chain Platform, and perform large-scale ICO.

[Features of the Next Generation DApps Platform]

1.With its own block chain, you can freely set the remittance fee!

2.Gas coins such as RAM.ROM.CPU, which became a problem at the EOS game event, are not needed!

3.In addition to the same fast transaction processing (1500 times per second) as EOS, the block formation is performed every 1 to 3 seconds, so the speed of remittance is outstanding!

4.Improved the problem that only EOS coins were available on EOS platforms.Supports major currencies such as BTC and ETH!

5.In the DApps industry, you can share any unusual API program, component, node, etc. with in-platform members!!Develop great DApps games quickly and IMO each application and project on the EVEG platform.

6.Next-generation DApps platform is an epoch-making operating system using an original blockchain that can be operated immediately, with API that can be linked to coins and platforms.

■ Conclusion
Release an innovative new platform that solves the problems of the top two platforms, the world’s seventh largest EOS (about US $ 4 billion) and the second largest Ethereum (about US $ 25 billion), to make it an open platform The number of participating companies and projects will increase, and the number of all project users will increase dramatically.

After that, we aim to build a token economy type DEX (Distributed Exchange) with “Like! Point” linked to the gold price of EVEG (EVERY GOLDPEG) as the base currency!