The long-awaited [EVEG (EVERY GOLDPEG)] has been listed on ATAIX of the Estonian Exchange !!!

update 27.9.2019

The industry’s first BTC 100% collateral-issued gold price-linked stable coin eliminates the risk of cryptocurrency depreciation and volatility‼ (Business model patent pending!)


DATE: 27 Sept.2019

Time: 23:00 (JST)

Pair: EVEG / BTC

* IMO (Initial Model Offering) will start soon! 

<What’s IMO?>
IMO is a new listing method that creates a cryptocurrency that returns a large discount rate to investors and secures collateral in order to repeatedly execute ICO in a short period of time.

The advantage is that you can get a big return on your initial investment.

From today, discount bids of up to 200BTC will begin for about 20 weeks!

Investors who meet the requirements of the white paper can bid on a first-come-first-served basis.

For details, see the coin page / white paper.

<EVEG White Paper>

* Investors will receive an EVEG that is not locked up if the bid conditions are met after a weekly bid from Monday to Sunday.
(Time until remittance: Within 1 to 2 weeks after bidding)

* If EVEO specified by EVERYWALLET (EVEO / EVEG double coin integrated wallet) is required as an IMO participation condition, the stage and yield may vary depending on the number of shares held.

By sending the EVERYWALLET address when participating in the bid, you can check the number of EVEOs held and distribute EVEG. (Please observe the rule that EVEO locks up during the lock-up period. If the rule is violated, the discount rate EVEG will not be distributed.)

For details, follow the method on the EVEG IMO_CHANCE page.


* EVEG_IMO transaction information is strictly managed by the Estonian Exchange team and the EVEG management team.

Finally, it is the birth of a new cryptocurrency linked to the 100% BTC collateral gold price issued to create new common sense 識

Read EVEG’s target users / features / possibility / roadmap and what you can only do with EVEG !!!

<EVEG Coin Page>