The results of EVERYPROJECT activities in 2019 and the project strategies from 2020 onwards are released!

update 22.12.2019

[Activities in 2019]

From the first listing on June 9th, in about six months, the company was listed in six countries around the world and listed on the world-class IDCM official exchange.

Japan’s largest domestic coin is listed in 6 countries in the world.

● Number of coin users: more than 15 million (estimated value including airdrop in exchanges)

● EVERY_OFFICIAL_TELEGRAM users (achieve more than 3000 goals), Rain room participants (over 1000 people), chat room opened.

● About 30,000 registrants for general project participation, about 2,000 Discord participants, about 3,500 LINE @ e-mail magazine registrants

We have succeeded in increasing the community strength (participants) of EVEO Coins, which is the most focused, more than 15 times the 2018 target.

We are working on a very large project for next year and beyond.

There are many contents that can not be opened to the public, but please expect!

The project is progressing at a faster pace than expected.

I would like EVERYPROJECT in the future.

thank you very much!