Listing schedule for new exchanges

(UPDATE: 2019.8.16)

4th Listing

■IDCM Taiwan
■EVEO×BTC/ETH/USDT/VHKD/JAC(Exchange Platform Original Token)

5th Listing

■IDCM Hong Kong Official
■EVEO×BTC/ETH/USDT/VHKD/JAC(Exchange Platform Original Token)

【Coin Market Cap Transaction World Ranking】
Feature of IDCM

・”VHKD” which is a stable coin linked to Hong Kong Dollar, is available for trade as key currency on IDCM.

・Original Token on the exchange platform, “JAC” is listed and available for trade.

・The exchange has Lots of volume as trading volume is ranked within 30 on CoinMarketCap.

・70% of users are wealthy people in Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore).
    These users are a group of very interesting people at EVEG,

    EVEG is a 100% BTC deposit coin linked to the gold price and will be listed on a new model called IMO (Initial Model Offering).




Regarding to EVEG listing

What is EVEG …
It is a cryptocurrency that holds 100% collateral value of BTC at the time of issuance, and the price fluctuation risk of cryptocurrency is reduced by an algorithm linked to the gold price, and the investment in gold is released to the world!

■ATAIX(Estonian exchange platform)
■September (planned)

Based on the IMO (Initial Model Offering) design starting in September, we will go to a market with an estimated 15 million active users.