EVERYPROJECT has repeated partnership agreements with Shake Hands Music hosted by one of Japan's leading entertainment productions in various fields.

update 20.9.2019

EVERYPROJECT has signed a partnership agreement in the entertainment field with Shake Hands Music Co., Ltd., which manages entertainment productions, with Minna no Blockchain ™ Association as a contact.


At the studio where professional musicians and entertainment producers gather, a star excavation project that anyone can audition throughout the year will start!

A fund that supports crowdfunding using the EVEG (EVERY GOLDPEG) IMO model will be provided to artists who have decided their debut under strict professional screening!

You can enjoy various benefits and merits by supporting the artists who have made their debut and are making major debuts from the beginning.

Also, at Premium Matching Mall using EVEG stable payment, sales of original goods that can support artists of all genres, various services / products that can only be purchased at EVEG, such as rights and time not sold anywhere.

[Establish a new major debut route! ]

< 1.Application>
Apply for auditions held daily throughout the year online or on postcards

By professionals from all industries
Strict examination and interview

<3.Entertainment work is decided>
After passing the exam, debut decision!

<4.Increase fans before major debut>
EVEG Real Star Fund

<5.Major debut‼ >
Let’s make a debut with many fans and supporters


Address: 20A TANJONG PAGAR ROAD Singapore


<Company: Shake Hands Music Co., Ltd.>

Address: 5F 7th Oval Building1, Kamiookanishi3-25, Kounan-ku1, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Director: Yashiro Noda

<Minna no Blockchain ™ Association>

Address: 21-3 Ishikura, Himeji, Hyogo, Japan